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The Extensive Nutrition- and Metabolism-Therapy is based upon two pillars::

the adherence of a linoleic-reduced diet
the taking of dietary- and vitamin preparations

With the supporting preparations anti-oxidative, immune-modulating and anti-inflammable effects shall be achieved.

M u s s e l E x t r a c t s

The green lipped sea mussel does only prosper in specific areas of New Zealand. Besides micro elements the meat contains vitamins and valuable amino acids most notably the so called glucose amino glycanes which are part of the matrix of every connective tissue.

The glucose amino glycanes from this special mussel are surrounded by a protective cover consisting of amino acid compounds. Therefore they can reach the bowel “irrespectively“, permeate the intestinal mucosa and thus bring out specific effects in the organism.

The green lipped sea mussel (Perna Canaliculus) is so far unique in its anti inflammable effect. It is decisively responsible for the repression of the prostaglandis-E2-effect (the Prostaglandis-E2-effect is one of the materials which significantly intensifies the inflammation event on MS).
Furthermore an essential impact on another, decisively propellent power for the destruction on MS, the lymphocytes is being taken.
Scientific examinations resulted in a repression of the prostaglandin synthesis. This means, that the production of different inflammable messengers (e.g. Prostaglandins) can be obstructed with the mussel extract. Regarding the chronic inflammable affection combined with a long-term appliance of anti-inflammatory preparations the taking of natural substance with less side affects is advantageous.
There are whole series of preparations which contain the green lipped sea mussel but especially on very low price products the original source must be analyzed critically. An extra beneficial effect of the mussel meat can be achieved with the combination with B-Vitamins and coenzyme Q10.
Some of the vitamins of the B-complex have an effect on the function of the nervous system. Thus e.g. the lack of B-vitamins may result in an inflammation of the peripheral nervous system with typical symptoms like parenthesis or palsies.
Another result may be an insufficient development of the myelin sheath in the nervous systems. Thus the B-vitamins provide functional nerve pathways, a basic requirement for the neuron physiological rehabilitation of malfunctions at MS.
Coenzyme Q 10
Highly qualified examinations have clearly shown that with increasing age the content of coenzyme Q10 is dramatically reduced in metabolism active organs (lung, heart, pancreas, adrenal glands).
In a lot of cases an improvement of the cardiac output occurs with the taking of coenzyme Q 10, so that the substance is used therapeutically.
Additionally there is the anti-oxidative effect of Q10, through catching free radicals the membrane can protect the mitochondria (energy producing constituents of the cell).
O m e g a 3 – F a t t y a c i d s

Omega 3- fatty acids inherit important functions in our metabolism system. They are essential fatty acids, this means materials which are necessarily needed by our organism but which can not be produced by the organism. Fish contains them in a particularly high concentration. Because of that they can be concentrated extra high in fish oils.

Omega 3-fatty acids are known as opponents of the inflammable linoleic acids or its synthesis product, the arachidone acid. In this context especially the eicosapentaen acid (EPA), the docosahexaen acid (DHA) as well as the docosapentaen acid (DPA) are of maximum relevance. The basic request for the therapeutic use of “fish oils” is the repression of the arachidone acid which is absolutely necessary for inflammations. Especially EPA has a distinct anti-inflammatory potency.

The effect of Omega 3-fatty acids at a glance:

they repress the inflammation combustible “arachidone acid”
they obstruct enzymes which regulate the decomposition of arachidone acid to inflammation
they repress the immune reaction
With these attributes Omega 3-fatty acids are often used for the therapy of Multiple Sclerosis, of rheumatic diseases (e.g. chronic poly arthritis) as well as chronic intestinal diseases.

Highly concentrated fish oil contains in its origin much less cholesterol. This means in principle: The higher the concentrate of the agent the lower the content of the inevitable rest fatty acids like cholesterol. A high addition of vitamin E as oxidation protection is essential for a good fish oil preparation.
Only because of this, it is guaranteed that the valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids will not react with oxygen and decay before maturity.

S e l e n i u m
This essential micro element which is named after the Grecian goddess of the moon “Selene” has to be ingested with the food. It is conductive to the cell metabolism and guarantees a firm cell development with its anti-oxidative characters. Especially in Germany, which is a typical deprivation area of selenium because of floor loading like surmanuring and harmful environmental influences, selenium is a very important dietary supplement..
The oxidation protection is of great importance for therapeutic exercise of the micro element Selenium in the sector of chronic inflammable affliction like for instance for multiple sclerosis and rheumatism. Because of that selenium is a component of the glutathione peroxides which is certainly the most effective “radical-catcher” of the body. Clinical studies found out that a long-term supplement of the daily nutrition with selenium intensifies the enzymatic arranged cell function against oxygen-radicals.

A dietary supplement with selenium is reasonable if the course of disease can be seen as chronically and the damage in each affected tissue is carried by the creation of oxygen-radicals, especially in the chronic-inflammable process. Enhancing the oxidation protection as well as arranging the cell respiration more efficiently, a combination of vitamin E and coenzyme Q 10 is suggestive, if necessary also with vitamin C.
V i t a m i n E

Vitamin E or D-alpha Tocopherol is a component of every somatic cell. It has to be applied regularly with every ingestion. Due to its dissolubility of fat vitamin E is one of the most important natural “radical-catchers”. These oxygen radicals are produced in so called eating cells (phagocytes) or immune cells (T-lymphocytes). They avert bacteria and viruses, and wipe out dead tissue which emerges in the inflammation area.

This natural activity may be severely malfunctioned on persons with chronic inflammable affections like e.g. multiple sclerosis or rheumatism. Since in these cases a distinct surplus of oxygen radicals emerges healthy cells are also affected and damaged. As a result of this the center of inflammation spreads out. If the balance between anti-oxidative defense mechanism and “radical”-attack is disturbed, a co called “oxidative stress” emerges.

Due to its fat dissolubility, vitamin E is the most important “radical-catcher” (antioxidant), which can protect the cells from oxidative stress. The D-alpha-tocopherol (chemical name for a pure vitamin E from natural vegetable oil) is well-integrated into the cell membrane and disarms the oxygen-radicals. It possesses the highest biological efficiency. Since it is oxidizing itself during the process, it has to be replaced constantly.

As the vitamin E supply occurs mainly through fat, the MS- and rheumatism-patients, who practice a specific low-fat nutrition, have to apply this vitamin precisely in compliance to the extensive nutrition- and metabolism-therapy. The therapeutically necessary dosage can only be reached with highly concentrated preparations. Thus it evolves its anti-inflammatory effect. The D-alpha-Tocopherol from natural vegetable oil is definitely preferred because its bioavailability is twice as much as the vitamin E which is produced synthetically.
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