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   Practical Hints
In the first weeks and months a daily list may help to keep the overview about the consummated
portions of linoleic acid.
The scale should weigh as precisely as possible to avoid mistakes in the calculation of linoleic acid.
Recommendable are so called scales for diabetics with a weight scale of maximum 1000g.
To keep the effort of meal preparation for the whole family as low as possible, it would be ideal if all
family members would keep with the given portion of fat and references for the food. Above all this form of alimentation – taking into account all other available alimentation rules for a optimal supply of the whole organism – does become more and more important on in international level as a preventive health method.
The most low-fat ways of preparation are stewing, barbecuing and the usage of a hot stone.
Especially recommend but not very cheap are special cookery tools (e.g. Kuhn/Rikon) made of a special chrome-nickel-alloying. These cookery tools comply with the recommendations of the federal health authority. The relatively high purchase price is going to be compensated with the nearly 80% reduction of energy costs.
The easy to digest MCT dietary oil is free of linoleic acid
and ideal for the preparing of salads and cold foods. Its taste is almost neutral and it can also be used for short frying on middle heat (not more than 130°C!). Address for orders: Seviton Naturprodukte GmbH, Bahnhofstraße 33, 67591 Hohen-Sülzen, Phone.: +49 (0)6243/906528, E-mail: info@seviton.de
Oil-free salad dressings are available in all well-assorted grocery markets. Some examples are:
“Leichter Salatgenuss” salad sauce with dill from Hengstenberg, “Salatfix ohne Öl” from Kühne, “Livio plus Italian Dressing” from USL, “Kräuter leicht” from Kraft.
An alternative to lubricate fats are low-fat cheeses or sausages like e.g. “Du darfst” or poultry
sausage with a guaranteed maximum fat content of 5%.
One of the diet problems are whole meal products, thus the most cereals. The Rice- and spelt-cereal
from SEVITON is an exception. It only contains 348 mg linoleic acid on 100g cereals in its whole nutrient content

MS-patients should completely avoid the social drug nicotine. Concerning the use of coffee and tea, it always depends on whether it agrees with the individual and whether there exist other indispositions. Spices and herbs are thought to be harmless.

These notes should be understood to roughly summarise the general rules. As we all know, the important parts lie in the details. Do not be encouraged by difficulties that might occur at the beginning. When learning a foreign language, one also requires the necessary vocabulary. Here too it requires a lot of effort and patience until one reaches a good result.

Usually the change of diet that seemed hard at the beginning, becomes a part of your normal life in short time. Once the first success concerning your well-being has been reached, the last signs of inner resistance disappear.

There is in parts a high sensitivity towards even the smallest amounts of alcohol in MS-patients. If however the individual feels that alcohol agrees well with them, there are no reasons that would speak against a glas of wine for example.

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