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The variety of reasons for an inflammation is huge, and the shapes of the inflammation are quite different. But in one point all inflammations are alike: They all need combustibles: polyunsaturated arachidone acids.

The chemical progenitor of the arachidone acid is the linoleic acid.
In the case of an inflammation the arachidone acid is being transformed into inflammable materials (prostaglandins and leucotriens).

These messengers are responsible for typical inflammation symptoms like redness, pain, swelling and the irruption of defense cells into the inflamed tissue.

For this reason the linoleic reduced nutrition, which is practiced in form of the complex nutrition- and metabolism-therapy, has been developed with admixture of natural supplements.
Dr. med. Olaf Hebener who has medicated more than 4000 MS-patients worldwide with this therapy, points out the following in his book „Fundamente der Hoffnung“:
Only a strict adherence of the lioneic acid reduced diet ensures the success of the therapy.
Ongoing mistakes during the diet can lead to a worsening of the disease pattern within days or few months.
The more consequent and permanent a patient follows the nutrition directions the faster and the more
serious he reacts to mistakes in the supply of linoleic acid. In this case this is not an “attack” but an intensification of symptoms.
Casual mistakes during the diet cause in maximum a short-term worsening of single symptoms, but they do not principally question the stability.
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