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Committee on Petitions apporves absorption of costs for the Fratzer-Hebener-Therapy in case of Multiple Sclerosis.
January 20, 1999, Higher Regional Court Munich

The Committee on Petitions of the Federal Diet (Deutscher Bundestag) agreed amicably that the compulsory health insurance fund of a female patient who sickened on MS should bear the expanses for the therapy conception after Dr. Fratzer/ Dr. Hebener.

The patient called the committee on petitions on her own initiative, because her metabolism therapy had been accomplished successfully. The medical service of the health insurance advised the health insurance not to accept the costs of the therapy because it is not a common accepted therapy and a medically and scientifically result can not be expected.

In the opinion of the committee on petitions the conclusion of the medical service of the health insurance has already been disproved through the patients success of the therapy. All therapies which had been accomplished before had not shown any positive result on the patients course of disease. The committee recommends to assign the petition of the Federal Diet for consideration.

The Congressmen of the committee on petitions were explicitly pointing out the jurisprudence of the Federal Social Court after which the compulsory health insurance funds are committed to accept the costs of a so called “unconventional” method of treatment if accepted therapies are not or no longer available. It is contrary to the rules of medical practice to adjust the necessary therapy although there is a scientific therapy which can be taken seriously.

Source: Higher Regional Court Munich

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