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MS-Therapy Center Hohen-Suelzen
MS-Therapy Center Hohen-Suelzen

Welcome to the WebSite of the MS-Therapy Center!

"An effetive Therapy of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) requires School Medicine as well as qualified Complementary
Medicine. This rare symbiosis has become practicing reality in the Therapy Center for Multiple Sclerosis in
Hohen-Suelzen. Thereby inimitable experience has been gained for the integration of nutrition aspects for
the Therapy for Mutliple Sclerosis Patients.

With worldwide constantly increasing cases (about 2,5 million Multiple Sclerosis patients worldwide), the most common
inflammation disease of the Central Nervous System, Multiple Sclerosis, has become a challenge for the whole society.

Genetic factors, virus infections and environmental influences are known as the basic components for the development of
Multiple Sclerosis, especially natural fats play a decisive role.

The complexity of the origin of Multiple Sclerosis is a matter that all kinds of therapies that regard MS as an autoimmune
disease only and face this disease by interfering immune reactions on one side do have success however only for some
of the multiple sclerosis patients.

The Extensive Nutrition- and Metabolism-Therapy as practised in the MS-Therapy Center in Hohen-Suelzen is a determining
factor for the influence on the prevalent form of inflammation in all phases of the disease.

More than 4.000 patients have been able to find help and relief in this gentle and adverse-effect-free therapy. The result of a survey
shows: No further progression for more than 80% of the interviewed multiple sclerosis patients in the chronical-progressive
stadium. More than 30% were even able to reach a better neurologic severity level.

This can be achieved by a permanent control of the fatty acid spectrum of nutrition as well as the supply of special dosed
anti-inflammable and anti-oxidative effecting natural substances.

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