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Does low linoleic acid food implicit risks ?

5% of the whole human energy budget is covered by unsaturated fatty acids. According to common accepted perception theoretical risks may only be expected if the supply of these fatty acids is less then 1%.
An adequate supply of the human energy budget is guaranteed because within the complex nutrition- and metabolism-therapy only a cutback of the linoleic acid and not of all unsaturated fatty acids is recommended.

Thus a sole cutback on unsaturated fatty acid linoleic acid does not implicit any health risks.
Beratung mit Dr. Hebener
In test series, in which pregnant animals were fed with a high contingent on Omega 3-fatty acid it was documented that the newborn produce myelin much faster than in any other feeding form.
Furthermore the myelin of these newborns includes much less components (so called antigen components) which activate the immune system and consequently heighten the risk of an autoimmune disease. The unsaturated Omega 3-fatty acids should be seen as positive opponents of the linoleic acid. .
Does linoleic acid reduced nutrition harm the family ?

The answer is definitely NO. Due to the fact that family members do not need to pay attention to the maximum daily limit values, they can jauntily take advantage of the prophylactic effective preferences of this nutrition.
The low-fat nutrition with a sensibly measured portion of linoleic acid with a well balanced proportion of Omega–3 and Omega–6 fatty acid is explicit healthy.

The risks of cardiovascular system ailment, cancer, metabolism diseases, and chronic-inflammable diseases are diminished as well as the intensification of allergies. Especially the dispatching of regularly fish meals has a positive effect on the health of all family members.
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