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MS is so far not curable. But there are several, suggestive possibilities to at least control the course of disease in a positive way. At the moment there is only one therapy which can in about 80% of all cases holdup the further progression of MS: extensive nutrition- and metabolism therapy of Dr. med. Olaf Hebener (vide PRAXIS, literature hints), which is based on the so called “Fratzer-method”.
Scientific results of the last three years demonstrate clearly that in addition to immunological interferences inflammation reactions control the disease mechanism. The clinical pathology arises from typical damages of the myelin sheath around the nerve fibers. The collapse of the blood-brain barrier is the indispensable precondition for the damage by common (unspecific) and specific (auto immunological) immune reactions.
This means that the smallest blood vessels in the brain and in the spinal cord are becoming so porous that they are loosing their natural function of protection and allow a contact between the “self-antigen” of the myelin sheath and the immune system. The inflammable collapse of intact blood vessels takes place after a conformity which can be compared with the one a rheumatic diseases.

On the basis of these considerations a therapy has been developed which reduces the inflammation reactions in the body and prevents the collapse of the blood-brain barrier as well as the subsequent damage of myelin nerve fibers. The conclusion that MS-patients possess an abased concentration of unsaturated fatty acids especially linoleic- and arachidone acid in the blood and in the cerebrospinal fluid, cause the determination that the inflammation process uses huge masses of these fatty acids.

Fatty acids are being ingested with the daily food. Thereby the arachidone acid is always a synthetic product of linoleic acid. Also the arachidone acid, which is released from the membrane of a cell during inflammation reactions, can develop in the human organism. Strong inflammation aiding messengers, so called prostaglandins, thrombocans and leucotriens do arise. They are referred to as inflammation mediators (inflammation intermediators).

Primarily it is important to deprive the combustible of the inflammation progression. With the extensive nutrition- and metabolism therapy this happens in a inimitable gentle but very effective way.

It is fundamentally based on two sanctions:

1. on a linoleic fatty acid reduced diet (under regard of the arachidone acid)
2. on a supply of specific substances, with the less side effects as possible for dietary supplement. The ingredients of these dietary supplements serve another repression of the inflammation.
With this gentle method the progression of MS can usually be affected positively. The therapy should be practiced under medical observation, so that reactions can follow fast and appropriately on individual requirements during the progression of the disease (e.g. acute therapeutic or symptomatic arrangements). According to experience it takes approx. 3-6 month until the body has reconverted itself on the new alimentation and reached its full efficiency. After a year a solid verification of the therapy result is possible.

As soon as the first positive indications are noticeable, it will be easier for the patient to further adjust his future life to the gentle, natural method of the complex nutrition- and metabolism therapy.
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